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Interview: Learning to Influence through Storytelling with Roberto Monaco

June 6, 2017


Today we sit down with one of our featured Performance Coach University expert’s Mr. Roberto Monaco of http://influenceology.com/

Let me give you some background. When I first starting my coaching and speaking career, I worked and practiced on my presentation over and over again. It was pretty good, or so I thought. Then one day, Roberto, a long-time friend of mine, sat me down. He said, you’re so close. You’re very very close. You know what’s missing. What will take you from just another aspiring speaker and coach to a true influencer, someone who makes a real difference in someone’s life? The audience needs more of YOUR stories.

Check out the full post and get the notes from today's interview here: http://www.jairekrobbins.com/learning-to-influence-through-storytelling/


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